Our center can program most programmable devices including FLASH, MCU, FPGA, CLP, EPROM and etc. Our extensive inventory of programming socket converters enable us to support the majority of package types including QFP, TQFP, uBGA, VBGA, TSOP, SOP and many more.


Fast and reliable First Article process

We pride ourselves on fast and reliable delivery of first article pieces. In most cases, first articles can be shipped within 24 hours after receipt of master code and blank parts.


Custom Labeling

We offer high quality custom polyester labeling included with the programming charge. Heat resistant Kapton labels are also available. Company logos and or date code data can also be added at no additional cost.



Our engineering and production staffs have extensive expertise in serializing programmable devices.


Tape and Reel/Drypack

We provide in-house tape and reel and drypack services per applicable EIA specifications.


Programmed Inventory Management

To best serves the fast moving supply chain – we offer Program Managed Inventory of both blank programmable product and pre-programmed product. That way you can have programmed/labeled/ and taped and reeled product ready for overnight shipment at any time.


Other Value Added Services

To best serve the industrials’ needs we offer value add services as follow:

 Taping – support the majority of package types including QFP,TQFP,   PLCC, UBGA, TSOP, SOJ, SOIC and more.
 Device Reconditioning – lead reworking & reballing
• Electronics component kitting – quantity, unique orientation etc           according customer’s requirements.
 Baking, drypacking and barcode relabeling